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May 30th, 2012
May 30th, 2012

An Update regarding DOJ's Notification of Revised Job Descriptions

You will recall from our communique entitled DOJ and PPSC Updating LA Job Descriptions of August 8, 2011, that various departments initiated a job description review.  
More specifically, in November 2011, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a letter to most DOJ LAs across the country enclosing a job description.  A number of anomalies were noted by the AJC:
 - not all letters were duly signed by both the manager and supervisor who are called upon to attest to the accuracy and completeness of job descriptions
 - such letters invited LAs to discuss their job description with their managers leading some to believe that the job descriptions were not yet final
 - such letters contained partial advice regarding remedial rights

Suffice to say, there was some confusion among many DOJ LAs in relation to when the timeline to grieve job content commences.  As a result, the AJC challenged the notification letters that DOJ issued to LAs by filing a policy grievance with Treasury Board.  
We are happy to report that despite the parties' differences on whether or not the letters constituted proper notification for the purposes of the collective agreement, Treasury Board, DOJ and the AJC have reached an agreement that ensures that no one LA within DOJ is deprived of his or her right to grieve job content on the basis of untimeliness.  Those LAs who are already in receipt of a job description revision notification will therefore preserve their right to grieve job content within 25 working days following receipt of a notice of classification action/decision.   For many DOJ LAs, such classification notices under the existing standard have not yet been issued.  DOJ LAs should therefore be expecting the resumption of the job content and classification reform project and more specifically, a copy of a notice of classification action/decision relating to the existing classification standard over the course of the next few weeks and months.   After the new classification standard comes into force, another classification action will also follow.  

In addition and as part of the parties' settlement terms, the cover letter to accompany job descriptions that have not yet been distributed will now capture all the remedies available in the event of a disagreement.  
As mentioned in our earlier communique on the matter referenced above, other agencies will soon be initiating their own job description review for LAs.  The new classification standard is not yet in effect.  Further updates will follow as information becomes available.  
For more information on this topic, please consult our FAQs and Toolkit in case you need a refresher on the classification reform project and the remedies available.

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