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November 5th, 2018
November 5th, 2018

Important information regarding the November 7th deadline for retro pay

Dear AJC members,

On Friday, we were advised that the Employer will not meet its legal duty to issue the arbitral award retroactive payout before November 7 as ordered.  No explanation for the delay was offered.  As of the date of this communique, 770 cases still need to be processed and the current estimate is that these will be completed by mid-December.
What does this mean for those whose retro pay has not been paid?

Another policy grievance will be filed. The employer has all the information we need to support our grievance. We will not require any further information from you at this time and will advise you via our newsletter once the policy grievance has been filed.
What can you do if you have not received your retroactive pay?

Well, by now, most of you already know how to navigate the trusted source and pay centre. Please note that you can view any automated retroactive payments you have received via the Pay Stubs and Archived Tax Slips link on the Compensation Web Applications web page and you can contact the Public Service Pay Centre at 1-855-686-4729.  You can also refer to our Phoenix FAQ here.

How do you know that you are on the Pay Centre's radar?

You can view any outstanding transactions in "Track myCase".   We are advised that the next pay transaction for the November 14, 2018 payroll will appear in "Track myCase" on November 12, 2018.  If you are unable to access your "Track myCase", you can contact the Pay Centre.  The Pay Centre has provided a listing to departments of all outstanding cases to be processed.  Please be reminded that departments, including departments who have their own Pay Pods, rely exclusively on the Pay Centre to handle all retroactive pay adjustments.   Accordingly, they may be unable to provide you with any information regarding retroactive pay other than to confirm whether or not you appear on the Pay Centre's list of outstanding cases.  More communications from the PPSC and DOJ will follow in the coming days.  We will be sure to post this information on our website as well for any member who works for another department or agency.

What else can you (or a colleague) do to support our collective effort to get paid?

Spread the word, and share this message with your colleagues.
You will recall when we reported on our recent win in connection with the prorating on performance pay per-promotion we mentioned the access to justice challenges that apply to all federal public servants.

It takes time and far too much time at that.

The challenges we face in this restrictive legal framework called the FPSLREB are not lost on us. The need for legislative reform is obvious. However, we want to secure our right to interest arbitration before we tackle any other legislative reforms. To that end, our AJC President will be testifying at the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance in support of Bill C-62  on Tuesday, November 6th 2018 at 9:30am. You can listen to the proceedings here.

If the complacency of the Employer is as infuriating to you as it is to us, then join us in our efforts and spread the word and let your Parliamentarian know that the government must comply with the rule of law and meet their contractual obligations. We have also prepared a template letter that you can sign or adapt as needed and address to your Member of Parliament after November 7th 2018.

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