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April 13th, 2017
April 13th, 2017

Bargaining Update 15 - Binding Conciliation: The Nominees Are Chosen

As you know, on December 20th 2016, Treasury Board (TB) rejected our proposals on pay and on compensatory leave and made no counter proposals.  TB tabled no proposal to address the fact that federal government lawyers are paid significantly less than their provincial counterparts for doing the same work. At that time, the AJC negotiations team declared an impasse and bargaining ended. We then began preparing for "binding conciliation".

In light of the fact that Bill C-4, an Act to amend the Canada Labour Code, is in the third reading in the Senate and not yet in force, we prepared and finalized a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  Both sides have filed their Notices as required under the MOA.  In their Notice, TB has proposed a mere 1.25% pay increase per year for 4 years for a total pay increase of 5% over 4 years.  
We continue to be represented by our highly capable counsel, Dougald Brown, at Nelligan Payne O'Brien and have once again retained Paul Cavalluzzo to be our nominee on the conciliation panel.  TB informed us of their nominee three days past the set deadline under the MOA. Their nominee is Jean-Francois Munn from Loranger Marcoux, who has represented TB twice in the past and with whom our counsel and our nominee are both very familiar.

The nominees now have 7 days to agree on a chair, failing which we will be asking the PSLREB to appoint one within 14 days. The next step will be to set a hearing date, which will be done by the PSLREB.  As soon as we have a hearing date, we will let you know.

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