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August 4th, 2016
August 4th, 2016

Update on the Status of the Phoenix pay systems

On Thursday, July 28 2016, deputy public works minister Marie Lemay and senior government officials held a media technical briefing on the status of the Phoenix pay systems.

DM Lemay indicated that they expect to have resolved all of the pay delays created by the Phoenix pay system by the end of October and provided the following schedule for resolving employee's pay issues.

Priority 1: Employees not receiving pay
These employees include students, new hires and those returning from leave without pay.

  • These employees' cases will be addressed within three working days upon notification of the issue.

  • Between June 27 and July 18, 720 employees reported that they had not received any pay. Of the 720 employees, 486 received a payment on the July 27 pay day. They expect that 172 will be paid on August 10.
  • Between July 18 and 28, an additional 589 employees reported missing pay. We are addressing 210 of these cases, with the objective of paying these employees on August 10. They are working with departments to resolve the remainder of employee cases.

Priority 2: Employees with pay at risk of disruption
These employees include those going on maternity leave or long-term disability and those leaving the public service.


  • These employees' cases will be addressed within four to six weeks upon notification of the issue.

  • Status
  • As of July 18, approximately 1,100 employees have reported issues related to compensation. They have addressed 74 cases and are processing the remainder as quickly as possible.

  • Priority 3: Employees not being paid properly
    These employees are receiving regular pay, but missing supplementary pay.

    • All cases that are backlogged with the Pay Centre prior to June 2016 will be addressed by October 31, 2016.

    Backlog prior to June 2016 - To be completed by
    • Extra duty pay -  End of September
    • Terminations  - End of September
    • Leave with or without pay - Early October
    • Acting assignments - End of October
    • Change in employment, increments or promotions  - Mid-October
    • Overpayments - End of October
    • Transfers - End of October
    • Entitlements, deductions and benefits - End of October
    • Other transactions - End of October

    • This represents approximately 79,000 employees. These cases are being handled through the Temporary Pay Unit in Gatineau, Quebec, while staff in Miramichi, New Brunswick, handle new day-to-day pay quests and Priority 1 and Priority 2 cases.

    DM Lemay also indicated that the federal government intends to provide compensation to employees, on a case-by-case basis, where there is proof of adverse financial consequences in relation to the lack of payment caused by the problems with the Phoenix pay system.  The details of what is included and the process are being discussed by the bargaining agents and Treasury Board.

    In the meantime and until TB and bargaining agents provide you with further details, we encourage all employees who incurred adverse financial hardships to maintain proper records evidencing their losses and/or expenses.

    The AJC, alongside other bargaining agents, continue to hold the government to account for the failing of the Phoenix Pay System.   PSAC, together with the AJC and 10 other unions have already filed an application in Federal Court seeking an order of mandamus against the government.  

    The AJC will continue to update you on the status of the Phoenix Pay system and the mandamus application. Stay tuned.

    *Please note that the information about the Priority scheduled was sourced from Priority schedule for resolving employee pay issues - http://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/remuneration-compensation/paye-centre-pay/calendrierpriorites-priorityschedule-eng.html

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