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March 16th, 2016
March 16th, 2016

AJC-Treasury Board Bargaining Update # 9

Until we reach a new deal, the present AJC collective agreement applies.

Dear AJC colleagues,

We finally returned to the bargaining table after a nearly eight-month absence.  Treasury Board has not had any real mandate to bargain since the election writs dropped, until quite recently.  Here is the latest update on negotiations with Treasury Board (TB).

The AJC negotiation team (NT) met with TB on March 1, 2016.

  • TB tabled its latest sick leave/Short Term Disability Plan proposal, and the NT provided some feedback. To keep the bargaining at the table, the parties have agreed not to publicize the new proposal. What we can say, however, is that TB has made improvements on its prior proposals and that bargaining is scheduled to continue.
  • The NT re-tabled its earlier global proposal, including pay structure. So far, TB has not moved from its initial proposal of very modest annual increases.

It appears that TB is focused entirely on the new "preponderant" factor of retention and recruitment.  [See the Public Service Labour Relations Act, s. 148.]  The AJC believes retention and recruitment remain issues across the country, and across departments.  The NT will continue to work on its proposal and I invite members to contact me at lmackay@ajc-ajj.ca with information relating to actual retention and recruitment issues in their office.

I remind AJC members that we continue to bargain under the ominous shadow of Bill C-4, the 2013 omnibus budget bill which not only took away arbitration "as of right," but also added these new "preponderant" factors.  The government has announced its intention to review C-4 with public sector partners, but there is no timeframe, nor any pledge to repeal the offending provisions.

The next dates for bargaining are tentatively set for the week of June 6 2016.

Your AJC President,
Len MacKay

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