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August 21st, 2015
August 21st, 2015

Internal Audits at DOJ and PPSC in BC: LP Participation is Not Mandatory

Following information obtained from AJC Governing Council members regarding a timekeeping audit at the Department of Justice, we have been advised by DOJ that participation in DOJ's timekeeping audits is not mandatory and that no disciplinary measures will be taken if an employee refuses to participate.  

With the imposition of the minimum target of 1400 of legal services at DOJ, more and more members are wondering what other non-legal related work will be required of them.  With reason, members are looking to focus their energies on tasks that relate specifically to their job descriptions and performance management objectives.  

Although we have advised our members to request that their minimum target be reduced on account of additional non-legal work being imposed, we have not received any reports to date that such request are being approved.  

We intend to raise these additional burdens with DOJ at the next National Labour Management Consultation Committee Meeting.  In the meantime, please see the answers we have received from DOJ.

Internal Audits at PPSC in British Columbia:  Participation is not Mandatory Either

Meanwhile, the AJC has been advised that there is also an audit exercise being conducted at PPSC, in the British Columbia Region Office (BCRO). In this case, however, timekeeping is not part of the audit.

The scope of the audit of the BCRO relates to the efficiency of operations as part of the management framework. It is scheduled to end this week. The interviews within BCRO included team leaders, counsel and legal support, who were randomly selected.

Each interviewee may choose to decline the interview invitation based upon court commitment or other priorities. Other employees were selected if the individual was not available. Interviewees were provided with a copy, in advance, of the interview questions and the terms of reference for the audit.

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