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April 15th, 2015
April 15th, 2015

2015 AGM Reminder: Join Us on April 22nd in Person or Via Teleconference

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Justice Counsel is fast approaching.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Association of Justice Counsel is fast approaching. The AGM will be held at the Delta Ottawa City Centre, in Ottawa, Wednesday, April 22, 2015, at 6 pm EDT.

Please mark your calendar to help us secure quorum (see Article 6 of the AJC bylaws).

You will also find all meeting materials, including the agenda, draft audited financial statements and proposed resolutions located in the AGM 2015 section on our website by clicking here.

For those who cannot attend in person, the AGM will be available by teleconference. During the teleconference, members will have an opportunity to participate and cast their vote.

General Teleconference Instructions

- Individual access, as opposed to group calls, is required in order to record attendance, track quorum and record votes.
- Carefully select one dial-in number only according to your language preference (French, English or Floor)  Please dial in at least 15 minutes prior to start of AGM (5:45 pm) in order to ensure that the teleconference operator patches you into the call before the call to order.  You will be placed on hold until quorum is achieved. Periodic updates may be provided to provide you with a status report.  Due to prior difficulties in attaining quorum at prior membership meetings, the Governing Council recently reduced quorum to 40 to ensure that Association business continues.   (See AJC bylaws.)
- During the call, all lines will be muted.  Robert's Rules of Order will be used.  
- Press *1 to indicate your desire to speak and the operator will open your line when you are called upon by the Chair.
- If you require any accommodations in advance of the teleconference, please contact the AJC office at 1-888-218-3310 at your earliest opportunity before noon the day of the conference call.
- Please ensure you have access to the online AGM Documentation prior to the start of the call by logging into the AJC Website and then clicking the AGM 2015 page

Voting Instructions
- The teleconference will only allow for one vote per telephone line.
- When the Chair calls for a vote, you will be prompted to do the following:
o Press 1 for Yes (in favour)
o Press 2 for No (against)
o Press 3 to Abstain from voting

If you have any questions at any time during the teleconference that you are unable to resolve during the call, please send an email to admin@ajc-ajj.com .  Our inbox will be monitored during the conference call.

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