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March 14th, 2012
March 14th, 2012

Introducing: The AJC Peer Awards

Do you know a peer at work who´s a gifted writer or a talented litigator? A team player, who´s always prepared to lend a hand when deadlines are tight and the work keeps piling up? Do you have a mentor or know a natural leader, who makes the best of our challenging working conditions, and is active in the community?
If you know someone when you think of these questions (and we´re pretty sure you do), this is the announcement you´ve been waiting for.
Introducing:  the AJC Peer Awards!
This initiative is about applauding excellence in the LA community. It´s about you and your peers!
Let´s face it. The timing couldn´t be better. Work is tough these days.  The Peer Awards is your chance to break through the stress and negativity in search of a good news story.
Those stories are everywhere around you. They´re the people that work in the same offices, and in the same sections as you. They´re on the same file or go to court with you. They´re your lunch buddies, your workout buddies, or your drinking buddies. Maybe all three!
And when those people are thinking about these awards, they´re probably thinking about you too!
The point is, it´s the people you work with that can make your day. Now´s your chance to make theirs.
So here´s what we´ve done. We´ve set out the Peer Awards by category. They´re listed below. Each winner will receive a $250 award and a plaque.
The rest is up to you! Let´s look after our own, and take the time to recognize the best in our peers!
Awards will be given in the following categories:

• Excellence in Litigation  
• Excellence in Written Advocacy and Research
• Leadership in the Community
• Perseverance in Challenging Working Conditions
• Commitment to Mentoring
• Outstanding Contribution to the AJC

Please click here for the nomination form and the rules governing the awards process.
Nominations are due March 28th by midnight (EST).

Please send your nomination form and supporting information to: and include Nomination for an AJC Award as the subject matter.
You can also Fax to: 613 564-0606

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