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November 18th, 2014
November 18th, 2014

NEW AJC BLOG / Anti-Union Bill C-377 is Back on the Agenda.

The AJC Speaks Out!

The Association of Justice Counsel has just published a new blog post on its "I Am the AJC" mobilization campaign blog page.

In this latest post, Len MacKay, President of the AJC, highlights the return of Bill C-377. This bill is simply an attack on unions and their members.  Ultimately, Bill C-377 is likely to expose the government to more legal challenges.

Click here to read the blog and to view video testimonies of your AJC colleagues. The page also contains posts on topics of interest to you and links to our Twitter feed and Facebook posts.  

We remind members that as this is another negotiating year, the blog is a one-stop webpage where AJC members can more easily share information.

*** The AJC Blog page now invites comments at the bottom of each blog ***

We also invite you to submit your own blog if you wish.

Together, we are the AJC!

* AJC members who wish to submit a short blog (no more than 700 words) can do so at      As this blog will be for public consumption, the AJC reserves the right to edit and select blogs for publication.
We also invite you to tell us why the AJC is important to you. With your permission, we will post your comment (signed or unsigned) on upcoming blogs and perhaps you could be in our next video!

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