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June 26th, 2013
June 26th, 2013

Veteransī Affairs Fails to Comply with the AJCīs Collective Agreement Retroactive Pay and Performance Pay Obligations

The AJC has filed a policy grievance on account of the Veteransī Affairs Canada (VAC) failure to pay federal public service lawyers their long-awaited retroactive pay adjustments and performance pay obligations for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The performance pay was originally due on May 10, 2013 but Treasury Board and the AJC both agreed to push the date to June 12, 2013.  In exchange, all other retroactive payouts were moved up from July 10 to June 12 as well.

While the AJC has given VAC until June 27 to comply, it has become clear that the department will fail to meet their performance pay obligations by the same timeline. It is worth remembering that AJC members have been waiting since 2011 for their retroactive pay adjustments.

As indicated in a prior communique to our members, the AJC has written to all agencies and departments to alert them to the new collective agreement. We also invited them to consult the AJCīs website or contact the AJC, in the unlikely event that Treasury Boardīs direction to departments and agencies had not yet been provided.

Despite these proactive efforts, VAC hasnīt taken any proactive measures to ensure compliance. In a recent VAC communique to our members which was issued at the AJCīs request, VAC didnīt offer an explanation, didnīt assume full responsibility and didnīt provide a definite timeline as to when it planned to comply.

Letīs all hope that three will not be a charm. The AJC remains dismayed by the manner in which VAC has handled itself.

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