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June 23rd, 2013
June 23rd, 2013

Workforce Adjustment Update

The Department of Justice Issues Another Wave of Notices of Affected Status to its Federal Public Service Lawyers

While it has been silent on the Workforce Adjustment (WFA) front for several months and we had hoped that our members would not face the risk of further job loss flowing from the federal government's Deficit Reduction Action Plan, we have been notified that 17 of our members in the Business and Regulatory Advisory Section in British Columbia have been affected.

While these 17 members will be undergoing a selection process in order to determine whom among the 17 will retain their employment, the day-to-day pressures in the workplace see no end in sight.

While we continue to find ourselves questioning whether the general public and the administration of justice are being well-served by many of the government's decisions, we remain committed to supporting our members as they are called upon to make informed decisions regarding their future.  

Our colleagues in the Business and Regulatory Advisory Section play an important role in the administration of justice and are primarily responsible for providing legal advice on a wide range of issues with a focus on property and commercial transactions to various federal government departments, such as Fisheries and Oceans, National Defence, Parks Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Transport Canada, and Western Economic Diversification.

Federal government lawyers are all dedicated to the public service and to their role in the drafting, application and enforcement of the very laws of our land that contribute to the pursuit of peace, order and good government.

Since the government's Deficit Reduction Action Plan was announced, the AJC has seen 49 of its members within the Department of Justice declared surplus excluding the new wave of notices just mentioned.  

We encourage all federal government lawyers interested in being considered for alternation opportunities to sign up on the GC forums site in addition to the Department's internal alternation sign-up process to ensure that opportunities outside of the Department may be considered.

For more information on the WFA, please refer to our previous communiqué, our FAQs on Workforce Adjustment and our FAQs on Alternation.

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