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October 26th, 2012
October 26th, 2012

Changes to the Public Sector Pension Plan Will Harm Recruitment Efforts.

Only days after our latest collective agreement was ratified, we have been hit - along with every other member of the federal public service - by another unilateral attack by the employer.
In light of the pledge to continue dialogue in the finalization of our agreement, and a broader agreement to proceed by respectful consultation, this decision to amend unilaterally our retirement and pension terms is deeply troubling.

Our new agreement will take us a long way to closing the gap that had developed between our members' compensation and benefits and those of provincial crown counsel. This is important not only in terms of fairness and comparability, but also to ensure we can successfully recruit and retain the best of the next generation to the federal public service.

This decision to bring changes to the Public Service Superannuation Act in the area of retirement and pension benefits makes no sense if the federal government is genuinely committed to building and maintaining a high-quality federal public service.

The draft that the government announced on Oct.18 would implement the following measures:

  • Increase of retirement age from 60 to 65 for new hires beginning in 2013, and;
  • Adjusting the contribution ratio to 50/50.
The Association of Justice Counsel has repeatedly asked the employer to implement measures to make the public service more attractive for young lawyers to ensure good succession planning in the ranks of public service LAs.

Instead, the government is implementing a two-tier system which will penalize the next generation of LAs and will make the prospect of a career in the public service even less attractive.

We already have several regions where LAs are massively leaving the Federal public service in favour of the more attractive conditions provided to their provincial counterparts.  Weakening the federal pension plan will only accelerate this trend and prevent the government from attracting good candidates to join the next generation of LAs.

The AJC is currently studying the draft legislation and will keep you informed of the latest developments.

Lisa Blais

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