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June 26th, 2012
June 26th, 2012

AJC attends DOJ's June 2012 Work Force Adjustment Committee Meeting

During the meeting held on June 19, DOJ reported that the SERLO process for the LAs affected in Aboriginal Affairs and Environment Canada will likely not be completed until mid-July due to volume, contrary to the original end of June projections.  DOJ also reported that the Bijural Group will not be undergoing a SERLO process.

The Workforce Management Board's ("WMB") Terms of Reference have been completed; see annex A of this document.  WMB's main function can be described as a senior management forum to ensure oversight of workforce management activities/mechanisms, and to ensure that proper consideration is given to all DOJ affected and priority employees when staffing positions on an indeterminate and temporary basis within the department.

The department confirmed that the WMB has put out a staffing constraint on short-term staffing which is expected to come to an end in September, 2012.  While the WMB will provide strategic oversight and direction on operationalizing WFAD requirements, it will not be dealing with SERLO results or assessments relating to the alternation process, as the duty to assess in these instances belongs to managers.  Additionally, summer student hiring initiatives or staffing through the Legal Excellence Program will not be overseen by the WMB.  These programs, we are told, are ongoing.

DOJ has advised that it received a lower than expected response rate in terms of signed consent forms authorizing members to be included in the Priority Placement Unit ("PPU") and asked bargaining agents to encourage members to sign their consent forms to ensure inclusion in the PPU so that they may maximize their opportunities.  For more information on the Priority Placement Unit, you may consult the HR and You portion of the JUSNET site, a prior AJC communique and this document from DOJ.

We were assured that signing consent forms to be placed in the Priority Placement Unit will have no adverse effect whatsoever on affected LAs' participation in the SERLO process.  The AJC therefore encourages you to sign up in parallel with the SERLO process in order to maximize your options.
DOJ has posted some information on alternation (accessible from the department's intranet only) and has confirmed their intention to better educate and inform managers of the importance of conducting an assessment and following due process before providing any employee wishing to alternate with a decision that might otherwise discourage participation.  

According to DOJ, 44 unaffected persons may have signed up for alternation and while this does not afford any form of guarantee, this is viewed as a good start.  That said, for alternation to actually work, opting LAs must also sign up on the departmental forum site and GC forums site.  To this end, we encourage all opting members to sign up as soon as possible.

The AJC will be networking with some of its members to ensure that those who have expressed an interest to the AJC to alternate have duly signed up with the department as well.    Don't forget that alternation can be done from within the department via http://jusnet.justice.gc.ca/hr_e/wfm-ge/asp/a-ep.aspx and/or interdepartmentally via the Alternation Forum on GC Forums (accessible from the intranet only).

The department has announced recent training courses to support NCR employees in search of ongoing or new employment opportunities in the area of CV and interview preparation.  Moneys for career counselling and coaching services have also been set aside.  

The next WFAC meeting will be held in July.  The date has yet to be confirmed.

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