FAQ Ratification Vote Process
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1. Who is eligible to vote on the tentative agreement?
Only Registered Regular Members are eligible to vote on a tentative agreement.
Registered AJC members have already received Formal Notice of the ratification vote with instructions to update their personal online profile on the AJC website, if necessary.  As soon as we have your personal email address, you will be provided with your ballot and voting instructions by email. The email notices are sent by ajc@simplyvoting.com to your personal email address.  Please check your "Junk Mail/spam" folders to ensure that you have received the PIN and Password.
If after checking your “Junk Mail/spam” folders you have not received your voting instructions by noon (EDT) Monday, July 29, 2019, please contact us by email at admin@ajc-ajj.com or by calling our Ratification Vote line at 1-866-218-3310 (ext. 121).
Results of the vote will be announced on Monday August 12th 2019.

2. How to Join?
Non registered members have until July 25th 5pm EDT to register in order to be eligible to participate in the ratification vote.

Joining the Association of Justice Counsel as a Regular Member is easy. Simply complete and sign the Regular Membership Form and return to the AJC by email at admin@ajc-ajj.com , by fax at 613-564-0606 or mail to:

Association of Justice Counsel
300-2725 promenade Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON K2B 0A1

3. How many votes are required to ratify the tentative agreement?
Pursuant to the AJC By-laws, a majority of the votes cast by the regular membership is required.  
4. If the vote is "yes" what happens next?
Treasury Board must approve the agreement and then it can be signed by all parties.  Our best guess on their timing is prior to the first of September.  

All non-monetary changes come into effect immediately upon signing except for the changes to parental leave, which will take effect 180 days after signing.

From the date of signing, TB also has 180 days to implement the salary-related changes to the agreement, including retro pay.  This unusually long implementation period is part of the pattern agreed to by the other bargaining agents in exchange for a $400 signing bonus and is due to Phoenix.

There are a small number of members whose pay files are such that manual intervention is required and who will not be processed within the 180 days.  Cases requiring manual intervention are specific accounts with a complex salary history and usually involve extended leave without pay, leave with income averaging, or pre-retirement transition leave.  These employees will be notified by TB that implementation will be delayed up to 560 days and will receive an additional $50 for each additional 90-day delay.

These terms and conditions are the same terms and conditions negotiated by, and accepted by, the other 15 bargaining units who have reached agreements this bargaining round.

5. What happens if the ratification vote is defeated?
If the ratification vote is defeated, the AJC will request that TB return to the bargaining table.  Timing of which is expected to be impacted by the upcoming election and the lack of a mandate to consider further changes until a new government is in place.

Bargaining may result in a new agreement, or it may result in one of the parties declaring an impasse, in which case the matter proceeds to arbitration.  The terms and conditions of the collective agreement set by an arbitration board, including the timing for implementation, could be better or worse than those contained in the tentative agreement.
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