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1 - AJC General FAQs

2 - Work Force Adjustment

As you recall, in June 2011, Treasury Board announced that it would be initiating a Strategic and Operating Review (“SOR”) which would require all federal government departments to submit proposals reducing their budgets from 5 to 10%.

We have since witnessed the impact of this review which has led to cuts to services and departments through attrition or workforce adjustment. As of July 2013, the AJC has seen 49 of its members within the Department of Justice declared surplus.
Most recently, at the end of June 2013, the AJC was notified that 17 of our members in the Business and Regulatory Advisory Section British Columbia will be affected. DOJ also asked 30 volunteers from our AJC members in the Tax Law Portfolio to leave their positions in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, an approach aimed at avoiding a brutal SERLO process.
And so, in the wake of these recent announcements, the AJC wishes to remind you that in the event you are declared surplus, we have included information below that you may access to address questions you may have in the area of Work Force Adjustment.  Should you, after consulting the materials below, still have questions regarding your personal circumstances, we recommend that you contact your local GC representative directly or an AJC Labour Relations Officer by sending your inquiry to admin@ajc-ajj.com .
As a unionized member, you benefit from certain protections.  If you have been declared surplus, you are protected by the terms and conditions set out in the newly revised NJC Work Force Adjustment Directive (“WFAD”) which is incorporated by reference in the LA collective agreement and which came into effect on March 12, 2013.
Here is a listing of Frequently Asked Questions.  A listing of additional reference materials is also included at the end of this document.  These materials are extensive and we strongly encourage all members who are affected by a WFA to read all of these documents carefully prior to exercising their options.  The FAQs listed below serve as an introductory tool only that will help direct you to the relevant provisions of the WFAD or related reference materials.

For information about non-renewal or early termination of Term Employees, visit our FAQ on Term Employees.

3 - AJC's Request for Arbitration

4 - AJC Health and Safety FAQs

As a result of recent inquiries involving a few recent work-related incidents, the AJC has developed the following Q&A to assist those members who have reason to believe that their or their colleague´s health and safety may be at risk while at the workplace. Please review the enclosed and direct any specific H&S inquiries you may to your local employee health and safety representative or the AJC directly at the admin@ajc-ajj.com .

5 - Classification and Job Description

Please note that the FAQs have been updated on October 25, 2016.

6 - FAQs for Term Employees

7 - FAQs on Alternation

Source: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

8 - Collective Agreement

Please note that the FAQs have been updated on August 1, 2012. New FAQs are identified with "*".
Please note that new FAQs have been added on September 14, 2012. New FAQs are identified with "**".
Please note that new FAQs have been added on March 18, 2013. New FAQs are identified with "***".
Please note that new FAQs have been added on April 10, 2013. New FAQs are identified with "****".

Following a survey conducted by the AJC between December 2013 and January 2014, members told us their top priorities in terms of bargaining with TB were:  compensation, job security and sick leave came.

We did however notice that there were some misconceptions as to what is subject to collective bargaining and what is not.  To this end, please refer to the following FAQs to find out what can and cannot be bargained.

Conditions of Employment

Duty to Accomodate

Leave reconciliation Initiative

*  Updated on February 11th, 2015
** Updated on February 13th, 2015
*** Updated on April 14th, 2016

Performance Management

*Updated FAQ (January 11 2017)

Phoenix Pay System FAQs

*Updated on January 13 2017
**Updated on February 17 2017
*** Updated on March 14 2017
****Updated on May 5 2017
**** Updated on July 31st 2017
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