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“I want to thank you both very much for your kind assistance these past months.  The AJC has some truly top notch people!  We are very lucky.”

“...I am grateful for the assistance that was provided and the positive outcome of this decision.”

“This is an amazing first draft and you have done a remarkable job bringing out the "simple facts" of the matter despite all the irregularities/needless complications!”
“I simply could not have put it any better - from the bottom of my heart, THANKS for all your hard work!”

“I would like to thank you for your presence and your support at yesterday´s informal meeting.  You have been excellent.”

 “Thank you again for your help." Thank you for all this time.”

“I am pleased to have requested the help of the Union and I am entirely satisfied with the outcome.”

“Thank you very much." Your work is, in my view, extremely difficult and you are incredible. A thousand thanks!”

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