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The Association of Justice Counsel is the exclusive bargaining agent for approximately 2,600 lawyers employed by the government of Canada ("Federal Crown Counsel"), who work for the Department of Justice ("DOJ"), the Public Prosecution Service of Canada ("PPSC"), and provide in-house legal services to various federal agencies, tribunals and courts across the country.

June 21st, 2019
June 21st, 2019

Qualifying Retroactive Lump Sum Payment forms

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Many members have received the T1198 Qualifying Retroactive Lump Sum Payment (QRLSP) form from PSPC relating to having payouts received as part of the conciliation award taxes as if they had been earned in prior years.

It is our understanding that the forms provided to our members were not signed and many of you have asked if they are incomplete. We have contacted CRA on your behalf and the staff have advised that they will accept the unsigned form as issued by the employer.

CRA staff ha...

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