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Collective Agreement

Collective Agreement

This Section provides information regarding the Collective Agreement (CA). The member will find the complete text of the CA, various amendments to the CA, a Union leave chart describing association business and other activities covered in the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA), as well as benefits information related to the National Joint Council (NJC), health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance and pension.

Agreement between the Treasury Board and the Association of Justice Counsel

Collective Agreement - Expiry Date: May 9 2014 (Current)

Collective AgreementCollective Agreement
Collective Agreement

Size: 0.97M

- Expiry Date: May 9 2011(Archived)


AJC Obtains Corrective Action from TBS on Vacation Carry-Over Entitlements

Union Leave Chart

Leave with or without pay for association business under the PSLRA
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